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Heroku Color Scheme
I was always unhappy with all color schemes I used before, in the other hand I always loved the color palette from heroku control panel.
So I decided to do my own color scheme based on the old heroku control panel colors palette.
It works on iTerm2, vim, macvim, Sublime Text and Textmate.
Guru PME
Fully responsive, simple application that helps people to become an entrepreneur.
The Guru helps them to find a proper name for the new company, with the name chosen we will check if there is any trademark filled with the given name, and check domain names available as well.
It also helps them with a bunch of bureaucracy, helping them to make a NDA, Privacy and Policy, Resign Letter and Refund Policy for e-commerce.
VivaReal Angular UI Kit
A set of components based on VivaReal UI Kit.
Since we keep improving our UI Kit this will always be in development.
Angualr VivaReal UI Kit

Using Rails to Build Growth Hacks Fast

Sharing my experiences about a development strategy that helped VivaReal’s Growth Team to evolve our growth process. Why experiments should never be in your production codebase, the key factor to win is act like a third party service in your own product.

RubyConf Brasil

Microservices, to hell and back!

Do's and don'ts when you move from a legacy monolith to microservices. The experience of being wrapping up a bunch of microservices under a single API.
And how to keep the microservices mindset consistent.

TDC Floripa 2017

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